Rish: abbreviation for Irish and Celtic related peoples. Usually used by those intimately of, or associated deeply with, Celtic area peoples, to signal brother-hood like loyalties, or communicate intimate understandings.
ie; We are rish, you and I. or The rish believe...
by Celtic United February 24, 2010
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Short for Cherish meaning beloved, adored, to hold at the highest. Meaning righteous, perseverance.
I rish you.
You are rish woman.
by Aember April 11, 2019
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(doesn't rhyme with fish; has a long I sound like "rye-sh")

A sarcastic expression that has replaced "righhhht" in certain high schools. Often an expression of surprise or disapproval, or just a statement to draw attention to oneself.

The most fucking annoying and useless word in the universe.
1. Teacher: So, we're going to have the test tomorrow!
Lax Bro: Rish.....

2. Person: (insert any sentence here)
Annoying kid: Rish.
by Elly.B January 25, 2011
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Act of doing something like a black person do, i.e. ghetto rigging something, waxing a car or wheels, tryin to short change somebody. Short for Ni**erish
That was rish of yo to not give me my change back
by Fireman2893 October 21, 2018
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