A stain in your underwear caused by insufficient wiping.
I had to do an extra load of laundry to get the Ja Rules off my whites.
by Matthew November 1, 2004
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A synonym for for very watery and acidic diarrhea
The toilet seat and cover at the public washroom were covered in Ja Rule.
by Mariola October 7, 2004
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Biggest Tupac Wannabe out there besides Jevon Jones (Tha Realest). Does nothing but steal Tupac's lyrics and copy his cross, bandanas and bald head. He should change his name to Mockaveli.
Ja Rule needs to get off Tupac's dick.
by Ashleigh Keys May 18, 2008
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a fagget rapper who looks like a mouse and sounds like the cookie monster
by nader's bitch February 1, 2005
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A disgrace to hip-hop and don't even put his name in RAP.Lil'Bow Wow's and Lil'Romeo's ghostwriters have better flow than him.The only reason he gets hits records is if Ashanti is doing the hooks.The worst Pop Star I've ever seen that claims he's in rap.

Irv Gotti's puppet.
Irv Gotti:Since we ain't making money off of rap you should start acting!

Ja Rule:I am already acting!My best role is Tupac in every rap video I make!
by anonymous January 9, 2005
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A faggot ass "rapper" that quotes Tupac shit all the time like he just wrote it, and acts like he's from the hood.
Ja Rule can suck my left nut.
by Otto Goods January 8, 2006
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