the amount of water vapor in the air, expressed as a percentage of the maximum amount that the air could hold at the given temperature; the ratio of the actual water vapor pressure to the saturation vapor pressure. Abbreviation: RH, rh
It's not the heat, it's the humidity that tires me out.
by lionel123 December 16, 2006
The plural of "Moisty" or "Moist"

Where there are 2 or more hotties in the same area

"Shit its humid in here" (Many hotties)

"How's the weather been lately?"
"Very Humid"
by KT August 19, 2003
A word describing an incredibly beautiful female. A girl so smoking hot you start to sweat just looking at her.
That brunette is gorgeous, but damn, that tall blonde is humid.
by udlobster April 10, 2013
It's as hot as hell and as humid as the satan's balls. This humidity is dripping right off the devil's balls.
by strgzr2893 April 10, 2019
When the humidity is so high, standard English fails to accurately describe it.
its like humidicity outside
by Malkshake May 11, 2011
An expansion of moist, meaning hot and wet.
"You're making me so humid!"
by Jaliberist June 17, 2018
The occurrence of when you attempt to wipe a shart on a hot summer day and leave some behind, the humidity forms a new damp layer over the leftover skid mark, and with a unique blend of body heat and weather, it produces the most putrid and ungodly stench known to man.
Terry wreaked of Humid Skid, causing Rich to dry heave.

Dave forgot to shower, therefore bringing his foul smelling Humid Skid into bed with him, causing Patrica to awake and puke immediately.

Joe neglected to fully clean the shart mess off his leg resulting in a Humid Skid from the tacos that Leah made for him.
by skid squad February 26, 2012