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Prisoner of colour. When it comes to crime and jails, one can be amazed by how larger is the ratio of POC-s is in prisons then in the outside world.
-detroit didnt die because of oil prices and failing car industry, it died because of POC-s.
by gaygelding May 31, 2021

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A shortened version for "zebra penis" used by zoophiles on the internet.
(a comment on a social media post of a zebra masturbating and cumming): — haha, remember the zenis quote by person x?
By author of the definition: i forgot the name mentioned in that comment.
by gaygelding April 21, 2021

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Short version for retard. Was invented by me, by the way.
-this rettie aint baiting me
by gaygelding March 25, 2021

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The way zoophiles say "zebra". This has become kind of an identifying sign for zebra porn.
Twitter zoophile 1: *posts video of a zeeb cumming*
Zoophile 2: more zeeb vids, please
by gaygelding March 25, 2021

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I am not sure i know, but if its trending for 4 years, it sure is epic as fuck. Or just a sign of a circlejerk.
— any watermelon sugar, sir?
— oh fuck yeah, please, watermelon sugar is epicc and based.
by gaygelding March 04, 2021

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Literally hitler. He is so racist and white supremacist. R/awfuleverything. Trump bad = 24 k epic reddit upvotes and wholesome gold 100 award. OMG, AMIRITE REDDITORS? *soy face*
Redditor 1: trump bad.
Any other redditor: *upvotes*
by gaygelding March 04, 2021

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A funny that pewdiepie said before the bitch ass blm era, when edgy racism was acceptable, also known as the good old times. (Also before you get cancelled on twitter for saying the truth.)
-What a fucking nigger!
-Omg, pewdiepie, thats it, you are based.
by gaygelding February 25, 2021

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