The new literally, as in it's used way incorrectly way too often.
I'm going to unironically eat some bear crap.
by supaharmrun January 30, 2017
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This generation's equivalent of "like, totally." An adverb used to add emphasis only.
"Omg that's unironically so true."
by tp217 May 5, 2022
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The new overused word that everyone uses incorrectly. It's become the new "literally."

What it actually means: done/said in a serious way, even though one would expect it to be sarcastic and/or jokey.

Nowadays many people (including me sometimes) use it to put an emphasis on something, substituting it for words like "genuinely," even though they have very different meanings.
Correct usage:
Person 1: Have you ever seen Tommy Wiseau's The Room? I love to watch it with friends just so that we can make fun of it.
Person 2: I actually think it's a good movie, no joke. I watch it unironically.

Incorrect usage:

Person 1: You won't believe this! I unironically just saw Harry Styles eating at a restaurant!
Person 2: You didn't see him ironically? What does that mean? How would you have seen him in an ironic way?
by the foochie May 13, 2023
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To have serious thoughts about something, to mean what you are saying, not joking.
by Elfnp July 1, 2016
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The emphasis on doing something considered ironic or a joke without intending to be funny.
Phillip unironically wore a suit and tie to the bar.

Joseph played fortnite unironically
by Monster_EEEnergy November 7, 2019
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Adverb. Done with sincerity, particularly with regard to something that would normally be done ironically
Okay, I know you’re joking but I unironically like Kpop
by Prandooj Gupta February 18, 2019
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A word ESL and shitty memers spam it because ebin memes XDDDD
Anon: Fuck orange man

Anon 2: This but unironically
by berserkerbaron March 4, 2019
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