Someone who is wholesome 100 doggo chungus keanu reeves your breathtaking bruh moment epic
Redditor when someone is on r/pewdiepiesubmissions "hold up ring ding ding ding ding ding ding you use reddit and your a fan of pewdiepie???!!! BRUH MOMENT!!! WHOLESOME 100 NOW THIS IS EPIC!!!!!! BIG CHUNGUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by pk firearm August 31, 2020
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virgins who think they are funny by repeating the same joke over and over again
redditor: 100 wholesome breathtaking keanu reeves moment sneak 100 big chungus
by PAPERYY March 9, 2020
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a place where you will find things that can be considered uncanny. wholesome 100 chungus keanu reeves poggers
John: Woah, that was a wholesome 100 chungus keanu reeves poggers bruh moment
Axel: What the fuck, are you a redditor?
by thotneeshia September 23, 2020
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I know this girl who's brother is a Redditor on some obscure website about Trees. IMHO he is kinda weird.
by A1pha September 20, 2010
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A web user who believes that submitting a webpage to a community driven website with a short, sometimes original, title is work deserving of recognition and praise. Possesses an inflated sense of self-importance over the ability to essentially click "Bookmark this Page". The very essence of the Millennium Generation, a typical user exhibits the worst traits of spoiled middle-class American high school and college students.
Dear Redditors, join me in a circlejerk about ( Obama | Republicans | Glenn Beck Raped and Murdered | etc)!
by HarderMonsters May 20, 2010
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Synonymous with the word "faggot". Generally, people who fall in the category of the asshole atheist college student who thinks he knows better than everybody else because he read the first couple of chapters in 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins.
John: Hey Steve, me and my fellow redditors were going to debate religion's role in society, would you like to join?

Steve: Faggot.
by denim chicken November 22, 2012
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