The section of trending words on the Urban Dictionary website that never, ever updates. It has been stuck on the exact same words since approx. August 5, 2020.
This is the list of trending words since then. Seem familiar?

1. Watermelon Sugar
2. Ghetto Spread
3. Girls who eat carrots
4. sorority squat
5. Durk
6. Momala
7. knocking
8. Dog shot
9. sputnik
10. guvy
11. knockin'
12. nuke the fridge
13. obnoxion
14. Eee-o eleven
15. edward 40 hands
16. heels up
17. columbus
18. ain't got
19. UrbDic
20. yak shaving
21. Rush B Cyka Blyat
22. Pimp Nails
23. Backpedaling
24. Anol
25. got that
26. by the way
27. Wetter than an otter's pocket
28. soy face
29. TSIF
30. georgia rose
by M. Pepe April 03, 2021
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"Trending" is a mutilation of the English language that means "currently popular." It derives from a sad misunderstanding of the verb "to trend" as meaning "to become a trend."

Twitter's "Trending Topics" list has probably contributed to this degeneration.
A: I said "Wikileaks is trending now" when I should have just said it was a popular news story. What's happening to me?!

B: The internet has ruined your mind. Reading pop culture on the internet is the worst thing you could do to your ability to communicate in plain English short of taking up a career in contract law. Hence "trending."
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the pure definition of weird. like really, sometimes, scams are trending. even reddit videos are trending, though.
normal person: hey, have you seen the trending page on (insert social media)? i he-
normaln't person: oH dO yOu MeAn ThOsE vIdEoS wHERE-
normal person: shut
by hi, i'm pansexual June 17, 2021
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Searches of a similar topic at the same time
It was a non-topic and trending on Twitter
by ='srtrx August 23, 2019
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The UrbDic home page section that apparently shows what words are trending, but I can't remember the last time Watermelon Sugar WASN'T on trending #1
by SloveneInSerbia May 26, 2021
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A trend is the latest style of popular culture including but not limited to: clothing, music, vernacular (common speech), and the latest tv shows. This form of culture is usually expressed by preps and other kids trying desperately to be accepted by peers despite obvious outcastment.
The following are examples of current trend:

clothing : jeans with tears, rips, or holes; anything vintage washed; wearing 3 different style shirts at the same time - i.e. polo with tee shirt and button down.

music: pop on the radio consisting mostly of the latest rock band; currently R&B is quite popular among all.

Vernacular: yo, dude, man, tight, gank, grip, ricer

TV Shows: Laguna Beach, other reality shows,
by Skippy McJif October 10, 2005
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