Absolute scum of the Earth.

Someone who has sexual relations with an animal.

Not deserving of any type of love.
Steve, 'Zoophiles should throw themselves infront of a moving bus!'

Stan, 'I agree!'
by Dear boi November 28, 2021
A person who has sexual/romantic attraction to real, non-human animals, which involves the experience of sexual fantasies about the animal or the pursuit of real sexual contact with it (i.e., bestiality).
Ignorant Individual: “Furries are zoophiles!”

Normal Person: “Actually, furry porn depicts anthropomorphs, which are fictional human(anthro) animals. By definition anthropomorphism is completely unrelated to zoophilia.”
by semennachos February 14, 2021
Anyone who has sexual/romantic attraction towards non-human animals, specifically that which leads to the action of bestiality.
Ignorant Individual: “Furries are zoophiles!”

Normal Person: “Actually furries are attracted to fictional, human animals....”
by isaiah9:02 January 20, 2021
A fucking disgrace to the human world, and they should exist, at all, they should rot in hell. Fucking weirdos...
Son: hey dad..
Dad:yes son?
Son: I'm in the LGBTQ...
Dad: that's ok!
Son: I'm a Zoophile
Dad: 🥛🏃
by Kill Zoophiles February 15, 2022
Mfs so desperate for love that they rely on non consenting animals for pleasure since they cant get any bitches, disgusting scum of the earth.
by davetyds April 17, 2022
A sick in the head human being who is sexually attracted to an animal.

Many may try to tempt the animal into engaging in sexual intercourse or rape them, and should therefore be locked up for the rest of there lives as animals can not consent to something like that and it’s revolting.

See bestiality.
Hey Helen, what’s your sexuality?

“Oh I’m a zoophile.”

You sick fuck.
by Bob’s Asmr August 8, 2019