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Babies born to soldier's wives after they have been deployed overseas to fight.

Pictures of pregnant women with their soon to be departing soldiers represent the symbolism of what a deployment baby is.

Unique for war times.

Usually, the mother is a respectable woman, unless she is a deployment slut
John: Hey, why are you so said, mate?
Roger: My wife is 8 months pregnant with twins, and we are still on tour for another seven months...
John: Well, now you can be the proud father of deployment babies.
Roger: If we make it out of here...
by g-diggity June 21, 2008
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To be completely embracing Judiasm, and consider oneself as a practicing Jew. Must have strong lineage, too.

A 'Straight up Jew' must be completely practicing, and not jew-ish.

A Straight up Jew would do the following:
1)Celebrate Haunnakah, with the candles
2)Study the Torah
3)Not celebrate Christmas
4)Have a jewish mother
5)Know how to prounounce those tricky "hhhlaahck" sounds
6)Go to temple every week.
Hannah: Mr Goldblatt, are you a Straight up Jew, or are you Jew-ish?
Mr Goldblatt: I am Straight up Jew, ach!
by g-diggity February 24, 2008
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An etymologist is a person who studies etymology.

Etymology is an account of the history of a particular word or element of a word.

Through old texts and comparisons with other languages, etymologists try to reconstruct the history of words — when they entered a language, from what source, and how their form and meaning changed.

An Etymologist is different then a philologist, one who studies linguistics and etymology.

Beware, those who are nescient often misuse and mispronounce'entymology' which is actually the study of insects!

If you want to learn the origin of the word nescient, then you should consult an etymologist!

Denise: If we had resources available to us, we could hire an etymologist to do our homework!
Kenny: Let's just log onto youtube and watch HotForWords...
Denise: Isn't she a philologist?
by g-diggity April 18, 2008
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Cities that are built only with the intention of setting them ablaze at the most opportune moment.

With billions of dollars invested into a city, a radical terrorist who happens to be an engineering genius can plan to build a city that with the sole purpose of destroying it to kill.

most likely part of a jihad

Cities are built up to the point of extreme population density, and filled with many tourists.

Giant skyscrapers meticulously tumble to the ground with geomechanic landslide-like wizardry, timed impeccably with the instant fall of dozens of other buildings through out the city’s inner core that fulfill their destinies in splendid calculations of self-dismantling sidewalk tragedy.
Ehror City, the future city of the world, is where 20 million people reside. There are only 4 exits out of this city.

However, it is one of the jihadi cities, and it was built by radical engineers with a plot to destroy it.
by g-diggity March 13, 2008
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A website that finds and aggregates Twitter messages about your favorite sports leagues, teams, players and events.

Instead of searching through many twitter acounts, a person is able to access this website and see updates on many different sports categories at once.

If a person uses the hashtag of #Twackle in their twitter post, the message will be posted on the website.
John: I searched twitter accounts for three hours to find out if Mike Teel got drafted.

Adam: Tim Pernetti tweeted the results ages ago. So did Les Miles. Just log onto Twackle to find this stuff out!
by g-diggity April 29, 2009
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A term for a politician that changes his political party after showing years of devout support for the party he/she was first elected in.

A Spectercrat usually changes parties to gain respect, popularity, notoriety, or to help be a rubber stamp for an administration that needs votes.

Origin: Named in the honor of Arlen Specter, a former republican Pennsylvania senator since 1980, who switched party affiliations in April, 2009. His record of NOT voting in line with his party earns him this honor.

Notable Spectercrats of the past:
-Strom Thurmond
-Joe Lieberman
-Jim Jeffords
-Robert Smith
-Harry Byrd Jr
Geoff: Did you hear about the senator from PA switching political parties?
Phil: No, why?
Geoff: He's a flip flop! Switching parties just to garner votes and to get policy passed that benefits his state.
Phil: As long as that Spectercrat does what is morally right, that's ok with me!
by g-diggity April 29, 2009
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A person who supplements an otherwise normal diet with large amounts of pork!

They eat LARGE amounts of bacon or pork, in seemingly obscene amounts.
Bubba eats bacon for breakfast lunch and dinner. He is a bacontarian.
by g-diggity January 29, 2008
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