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How emo kids laugh.

They don't "haha" like the rest of us, they "tee hee hee."

This is usually followed by a long period of moping around.
Emo Nick: tee hee hee!
by g-diggity June 28, 2006
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An etymologist is a person who studies etymology.

Etymology is an account of the history of a particular word or element of a word.

Through old texts and comparisons with other languages, etymologists try to reconstruct the history of words — when they entered a language, from what source, and how their form and meaning changed.

An Etymologist is different then a philologist, one who studies linguistics and etymology.

Beware, those who are nescient often misuse and mispronounce'entymology' which is actually the study of insects!

If you want to learn the origin of the word nescient, then you should consult an etymologist!

Denise: If we had resources available to us, we could hire an etymologist to do our homework!
Kenny: Let's just log onto youtube and watch HotForWords...
Denise: Isn't she a philologist?
by g-diggity April 18, 2008
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The process of seperating a facebook whore from his or her computer for an extended amount of time. The process is life-threatening and can result in extreme mood swings.

In withdrawal, users may go through four phases:
1) Craving
2) Fear
3) Denial
4) Depression

Some cases include instances where individuals try to use MySpace as an alternative, but this ends badly when they realize you cannot just click on the picture to make the next one appear

Facebook addiction is an issue with many consequences, one of them being, addiction withdrawal symptoms experienced when the facebook is discontinued. The symptoms of Facebook Withdrawal at times may be severe, if not life threatening.
Amy: Why is Ryan crying?
Sarah: Because he can't log onto Facebook.
Amy: Oh, so Ryan is having Facebook Withdrawal?
Sarah: Yeah, and now he is in the denial stage.
by g-diggity November 4, 2007
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A message that conveys information about a recently missing or abducted person, usually displayed on electronic signs positioned along roadways. This message is broadcast by mass media, intended to enlist the public's help in finding the abducted person and often in catching the abductor.

It is an acronym for "America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response"

It was named in honor of 9 year old Amber Hagerman, who was abducted and murdered.
Lady: did you hear about elizabeth smart?
Man: No, who's that?
Lady: She was abducted, i heard about it on the news.
Trucker: She's right. There's an Amber Alert on her, i saw the broadcast along I-80 this morning.
Man: oh.
by g-diggity May 29, 2006
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To drink (intoxicating liquor), especially repeatedly, and in small quantities.

There are plenty of people who drink just enough to be under the radar, but they do this to relieve stress and cope with emotional difficulties. They drink enough to get drunk over an elongated period of time.

A modern day McCourt might tipple.
Paris: I am such a mess. I need to drink some cognac or brandy.
Nicole: I thought you said you were done with the whole tipple situation?
Lindsay: Nah, I got her started again. It's not a bad thing.
Paris: Hott.
by g-diggity March 31, 2008
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acronym for: Slutty New Outfit Day

This is when attractive girls wear outfits that are very slutty on the first good day of spring. They are often found walking in malls or general shopping areas.

Sometimes the girls are very ugly, causing this event to be unwanted or obscene.
Jim: hey look at that girl over there; she's wearing a short skirt, thong, and barely any shirt!
George: wow, i didn't think that was legal.
Jim: That would be a SNOD.

Britney Spears dresses like everyday is a SNOD!
by g-diggity June 10, 2006
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A day when high school seniors cut school together.

Seniors have the choice of doing whatever they want during Senior Cut Day.
-sleep in
-go to amusement park
-go down the shore
-go to gf/bf house
-video games
A successful senior cut day occurs when at least half of the class is absent for one day.

note: this may induce senioritis
LC: sup son? whatchu doin tommorrow?
Glen: im goin to six flags, it's senior cut day!
Dan: you mean we can stay home from school?
Glen: yeah, our entire class is Cutting School.
by g-diggity June 18, 2006
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