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To be insane, crazy, or senseless.

If you discuss something that is taboo, then you might be meshuga.

If a person acts in a way that senseless, he or she might be a meshuga.

Yiddish roots
The hysterical executive responded, "are you meshuga? Ask me about anything else... but please, not about THAT"

Mendel: Come on Heschel, schlepp on over to the butcher!
Heschel: Mendel, are you meshuga? that place isnt kosher!
Ruva: It doesnt matter, neither of you two are straight up jew.
by g-diggity April 09, 2008
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a crazy person , a person who does crazy things.
woa! did you see that guy jump on to the subway tracks! what a meshuga!
by aarojac June 22, 2004
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