Signs of a facebook whore:

1. If you catch yourself saying, "That is going in my Facebook Quotes!" every time someone says something funny.

2. If the second you see a new movie and you like it you think to yourself, "Yay I get to put this under my favorite movies on Facebook!"

3. If you hear a song on the radio and you autuomatically decide that the band who sings it is going to be one of your favorite music.

4. If you are in at least 30 groups.

5. If you want to be in every picture possible ever taken with your friends, then you tell them a hundred times to not forget to put them on Facebook.

6. If you are constantly wanting more wall posts.

7. If you log in to Facebook more than 5 times a day.

8. If you have more than 20 friends in your friends list that you don't know.

9. If you find yourself bringing up Facebook in conversations.

10. If the only reason you know someone is through Facebook.

11. If you refresh your Facebook every .5 seconds to see if you have a message, have been poked, have a new wall post, or someone added a picture of you.
by Kyle Icenhower May 25, 2006
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A person who spends an inordinate amount of time on, consistently adding people they don't know as friends, joining groups, stalking people, etc.
Ken: "Sweet dogg! Caroline added me as a friend on the facebook today! That's basically 100% guaranteed ass-tappage! Giggidy giggidy!"
Mike: "I doubt it, man, that girl has 539 'friends' on there. Total facebook whore. Look, she even added 'Tony Danza' as a friend. I bet Tony hit that, right?"
Ken: "But, but, I, um..."
Mike: "Here, take the latest copy of 'Tig ol' Bitties,' go in the bathroom, and amuse yourself for a while."
Ken: "OK." (does just that)
by Nick D March 8, 2005
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An individual, male or female, who randomly ads 'friends' to their account, despite the fact that they have never met a single one. This is done in a desperate attempt to make themselves look like they have lots and lots of friends, which is generally the exact opposite.
People are more likely to think someone is cool if they have a moderate amount of friends instead of hundreds (455 for example), since they're obviously a facebook whore.
by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx January 28, 2006
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someone who takes pictures of themselves/their friends all the time just to put them on facebook.
"caroline would not stop taking pictures at that party last night. she's such a facebook whore."
by magggggie December 17, 2007
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Someone who adds people to their facebook for the sole purpose of having a bigger FB friend count
guy1:hey do you know this girl? she added me on facebook
guy2:Woah! i got added by her too
guy1:wow prolly just another facebook whore
by C.amistad April 18, 2008
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when your girlfriend who supposedly loves you, continually and repeatedly flirts with other boy's on facebook. when confronted on this, she giggles and plays dumb....
some wanker: so i just thought id add u if thats cool wiv u??? u look rele nice and i just wanted to get to know u betta....

what my girlfriend should have said: i suppose its ok if u add me, tho i have a boyfriend who i love and could never theres no chance of anything happening.

my girlfriends actual response: yeah thats cool, du add all the fit girls like me lol ;-) how comes u think im nice? everyone thinks im mean lol lol :-P

me: facebook whore....
by dario lyo September 15, 2007
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Someone who seeks attention from anyone they can get on facebook. Posting "posing" pictures... Multiple online relationships, posting slutty comments on walls / pictures... And just general whoring.
These people are generally unliked by most, but are desperate to get online friends to make up for their crappy real life.
Dood: Shit, Melinda's such a facebook whore. WHERE IS THE BLOCK BUTTON DAMNIT?!
by kateva February 21, 2009
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