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To be an 'Ankit' is to be more perfect than perfect. He is the sweetest guy in existence. Honey is humbled in his presence. A hillarious person, with an 'Ankit' not a single moment will be a bore. He has kneen eyes and a cute laugh. Cute becomes synonymous with an 'Ankit'.He is shy at first but once u break his shell, you are in for the ride of your life.An exceptional lover . And the best, best friend you could ever have.Caring and cute . If you find an 'Ankit' you are the luckiest person alive. He will never let you down.
Girl 1:He is soo sweet. When I talk to him to him I practically melt.
Girl 2: Wow. He must be an Ankit.
by expmonkey April 10, 2014
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The person who everyone comes to with their problems. You can tell this person everything. Nosy about every single thing but tries their best to respect other people. Can be super annoying and sarcastic because they find it hilarious. Can change for super laughable to super serious very quickly. Can be kinda sassy but usually it's in a good way. Speaks what's on their mind most of the time. Also is the regular homework helper and has essentially become a free tutoring service.
Person 1: Hey Ankit, here is all of my problems and drama and feelings. Help me.
Ankit: All in a days work I suppose.
by OOF0223 August 25, 2018
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A really sweet guy who always has a way to make you smile. The sweetest friend of all times.
I and Ankit are like 'besties'!
by Sk8r.Gurl November 28, 2011
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ankit means printed with special tools in the manner to be remembered in future.
another meaning - never destroyed,pointed or lined
by fictionfan January 17, 2011
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The coolest, grooviest, hoopiest, most fun guy in the world is called "ankit"
Oh, look! There's an ankit!
Eg : Ankit Kishore
by AnkitK April 18, 2007
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