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vt. ("to go on tour"); to go clubbing or on a pub crawl with a collection of acquaintances, with the sole mission to get as bladdered as possible and generally behave in a leary and lecherous manner. See also on the sauce, on the razzle dazzle.

A keen pasttime of
Me: "So are you guys on tour, to the teef?"
Jamie: "Aye, heavy to the who! Bushtucker tour 2006!"
by Terry Deary July 24, 2006
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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Another way to describe cheating or someone who's has been with multiple partners. Also someone who talks to a lot of women and vice versa.
Damn, I found out my girlfriend was on tour." or "My cousin is "on tour" because he's been with a lot of females.
by Evilman1988 October 17, 2010
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On Tour is a card game that combines elements of truth or dare and five card stud. Players are dealt a five card hand after determining a set punishment for the person with the lowest hand. After the cards have been dealt, players reveal their hand and the loser must execute the predetermined punishment. The quality of a hand is the same as in poker with a royal flush as the best hand and single high card as the worst.

In a straight round of On Tour, only the losing hand will be forced to act out a punishment (e.g. performing a striptease for the group, drinking a puerto rican asshole, applying Nair to sensitive body parts, etc..)

In a mixed On Tour round, more than one person will be involved in the punishment. In a double-loser round, both the players with the worst and second worst hands will perform a task, with the lowest hand usually taking the worst of the roles (One common example for the double-loser is to have the losing hand pretend to be deaf while hitting on a stranger, preferably waitstaff, while the second loser serves as a sign language translator).

In a winner-loser round, the winning hand and losing hand will engage in some type of punishment/interaction that is usually sexual in nature (loser licks winners nipple, etc...)


On Tour was invented by members of the since disbanded San Francisco rock band band, io, during their West Coast to East Coast tour in the summer of 2001. The game was initially played primarily in North Carolina and San Francisco circles, but has since become a social fixture in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and most recently, Beijing China.

The punishments "Slaps" and "Nair Balls" produced such severe physical trauma as to be retired in most On Tour circles. New Players use these at their own risk.
"I lost a hand of On Tour, and so I had to snort a line of wasabi while singing the theme from Dawson's Creek."
by Jonny.C.H December 16, 2007
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