Place where one never stomachs enough food to get his money's worth.
Just been to an all you can eat restaurant...I think I'm going to be sick.....
by City rider December 13, 2003
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A marketing term that is used to lure people into eating at a buffet.
Let's go to the buffet! It's all-you-can-eat!
by FunkyGoodThyme May 31, 2005
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buncha crap stuffed into a buffet just to make people fat and not earn much money beacuse the buffet is cheap
-i went out to eat yesterday
=did you?
-oh it was an all-you-can-eat--
=yeah (cough) um i kinda gotta go bye
-why'd he go?...
by artichokegal June 8, 2005
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When a guy is with a girl and he get's the opportunity to suck & lick anywhere he wants too
Craig : It was rather boring at my place last night Maddie just wanted to talk and watch the Friends marathon on Nick @ Nite!
Jake : Sucks for you dude I went to Kiersten's and I got to enjoy an All You Can Eat Buffet!
Craig : Wow how do you meet girls like that?
Jake : Just show them you 16 inch cock and they get horny!
Craig : Mine is only 8 think I got a chance!
Jake : No Chance In Hell Dude! Better get used to girll talk & Friends!
by SlopNChop October 30, 2017
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A term that Mavis Leonard uses to refer to the Catholic practice of "mackin' on Jesus".

see negro smorgasborad and brother buffet
Mackin' on my boy like a deli buffet...all you can eat Negro!
by Steagles June 6, 2006
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When a woman had crabs and someone goes down on her
Bruce was in the mood for all you can eat crab so he went down on Karen
by Phoofs June 23, 2018
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