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When a woman's labia is hanging out the side of her bathing suit.
Sarah: Brooke ! Cover up !
Brooke: What !?
Sarah: You've got beach taffy !
Brooke: Ugghh ! Must have happened when I was getting battered in the surf !
by Fav February 15, 2008

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A shot consisting of 1 part Baileys Irish Cream and 1 part Cointreau. Original recipe developed by Fav.
Bartender: Hey Mac, the usual?
Fav: No make me a Camel Toe...and keep 'em comin' !
Bartender: Rough day?
Fav: Yeah. I got laid off, found out I got the genital warts, my wife is pregnant and to top it off, I am sterile.
Bartender: Next one's on the house.
Fav: Gee, thanks.
Bartender: Always good to see you Fav !
by Fav July 10, 2008

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Women. Especially those that leave you when the money runs out.
Rob: Did you hear that Laura dumped me?
Dave: No, why?
Rob: Probably had something to do with me losing my six figure income.
Dave: Fuckin' Women !
Rob: I think you mean "Snakes with tits!"
Dave: Exactly !
by Fav February 13, 2008

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Performing cunnilingus (oral sex on a female). Licking the beef curtains or veal drapes.
Fav: Bad news dude.
Dolan: Eh, what?
Fav: Mr. Barclay walked in while I was performing a curtain call on Sarah last nite.
Dolan: I thought you said he was taking his wife out for dinner?!
Fav: He was, only once they ordered he realized he forgot his wallet at home. In he comes while his daughter's legs are over her head and I have a face full of fish flaps. Needless to say, Sarah is grounded and I am 86'ed.
Dolan: No quim for you, one year !
by Fav April 11, 2008

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When one removes his penis from an ass and finds fecal matter attached to the head of his penis.
When Sarah asked me to fuck her in the ass, I didn't realize it was an invitation for a shit helmet. I guess I found out the hard way.
by fav January 23, 2007

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Fucking your first cousin.
There weren't any bitches left at the party, so I decided firsting was my only option.
by fav January 18, 2007

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Black slang for getting intoxicated.
Weezy: Hey Laquifa, whazzup ?
Laquifa: Ize justa waiting for Jamaal to step in. Soonze he get heah, Ize gonna fix him up a turkey pot pie !
Weezy: Youze got plans afta dat ?
Laquifa: Yeeah, Ize gonna head on up to Lamonts' crib. You wonna come?
Weezy: Whatyu gonna be doin' at Lamont's?
Laquifa: Ize gonna get my drink on ! Innerested ?
Weezy: I'll chek wit Rolando..mabbe he wanna come !
Laquifa: Vright !
by Fav February 15, 2008

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