Another term for the all-powerful Bailey's Irish Cream. Best drink EVER!
Girl 1: So, what'd you do after I left the party last night?
Girl 2: Drank waaay too much Irish Cream, and ended up doing some random guy in a bathroom.
by CarolynxRiot July 1, 2009
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Irish cream, aka: semen, sperm, cum, man milk, slut syrup, baby gravy, jizz etc etc.

Another way of saying cum.
"Holy shit man I feel a bit off, think I swilled too much irish cream last night at the gay bar."
by Liqu!d July 5, 2004
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Some of the purest shit you will ever smoke. This is the craziest dank around. HQ shit
I smoked some irish cream with my bros, it was chill.
by burnafterlit October 24, 2010
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A sexual act, while going down on a girl, performing a two fingered culdesac in order to get the girl squirting. As she is squirting, the guy must take it in his mouth, swish it around a bit to get a little bubbly. While swishing the girl bends over and opens up her asshole so you can drop the swished up squirt load into her ass in order to give it some color, the girl should release the load into a shot glass, which is then dropped into a half pint of Guiness then chugged.
Last night at the bar while others were doing Irish car bombs, I had the bartender give a me a shot glass and Guiness, so I could take my girlfriend into the bathroom so we could do some Irish Cream Sodas.
by msd3million January 9, 2009
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The act of first taking a bowel movement (has to be one consistent turd) and than proceeding to urinate upon said bowel movement. After words the man must ejaculate upon the already urinated feces. The user than leaves it for the next victim.
Dude 1: I need to take a shit

Dude 2 (after leaving the stall, looking proud): good luck!

Dude 1: aww, dude! you left an Irish Cream Log!
by Inkk February 22, 2012
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When someone defecates on a cone and gives it to someone saying it's chocolate flavored.
I gave my sister an Irish Ice Cream yesterday! I was taken aback by the fact that she actually enjoyed it!
My friends pranked me by giving me an Irish Ice Cream last week! It was really sh*tty.
by SayHiToYourMomForMe May 6, 2016
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