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Angie is crazy, weird, beautiful, happy, and confident. She says she has no crushes though she has a huge crush on one person. Angies are rare they make you happy when you least expect it. Angies come up with the most random things. Angies love finding loopholes and thinking of ways that scientists could be wrong. She is often ingnored it annoys her but she holds in her thought. She loves being around people though she needs her alone time she spends a lot of her time wrapped up in her thoughts and always wants to make a difference in the world.
Dude, was that Angie she is amazing.
by amazing angie gootee December 12, 2016
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Angies are beautiful, smart girls. They are shy sometimes, but once you get to know them, they are a bit crazy but amazing people to hang out with. Angies are social and are very outgoing. They are a lot of fun and always nice. They don't act fake around people, they are who they are and they don't change. Overall, they are great to around with.
Angie rules.
by thischick99 August 22, 2013
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Angies are rare . They are really funny and random and fun to be around. They love listening to music and blocking out the people they hate . Angies are quite if you dont know them but are very talkative once you get to know them . They will laugh and wont stop untill theres tears coming out of there eyes . They are really private and tend to keep most things to them selves they say they dont have any crushes but they secretly do . They know how to fight and i wouldnt mess with them when there mad . They love there family and friends and they are very protective . Angies tend to get Wrapped up in there thoughts but all in all they are really funny and random and loving .
by Angiezzzzzz May 05, 2018
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Angies are beautiful girls. They are very athletic and need attention. They say they have a crush on nobody but really have a big crush on one person. They are shy when you first meet the but when they get to know you and trust you they can be very spontaneous and crazy. Angie always sticks up for her friends. she also makes sure justice is served.
Angie is hot and athletic.
by _frostiebunny June 01, 2018
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The most beautiful and creative person you would ever meet, has a heart of gold and is drop dead gorgeous! If you ever forget her or leave her no promise you can win her back she is a great friend a will be your best friend for life, even if you have a fight just remember Angie will forgive her best friends for simple mistakes from the past, sometimes people take advantage of her, but using her to get what they want but you might never win her trust again... so spend every minute with her like its your last....
by Katie9902 January 12, 2017
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An angie is extremely beautiful in every way possible! She has a one of a kind personality which makes her unique from any other girl. She's very smart and has fun it's about all the time. She can make you laugh when you least expect it and her smile is contagious! If she isn't smiley you know something is wrong. Also has amazing talents with her mouth and voice. They are always on top of things and are athletic but girly at the same time. Angie's don't try to make themselves look good but they still look amazing. She is the most lovable/spectacular/ person you could ever meet.
Angie is the most beautiful girl in the whole entire world. She's sexy and a lovable person.
by Tristtt January 17, 2017
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