The sexiest man found on the beach of Cabo. Just seeing him makes you drool and take of his clothes. His incredibly sexy swimmers body makes you want to take him strait to bed for the ride of your life. Hes amazing in bed and can make any of your dreams come true. This man is seriously the best thing ever created.
damn look at hayes i want him inside of me
by bigbooty111 December 12, 2011
The perfect guy. Hes amazing. A awesome perosnialy, hes soo cute, and hes just so fun to hang with. Hes the best kisser and will make u feel amzing
i heard ur bf is Hayes
Ya i love him so mcuh
by Sarahmayyy February 17, 2019
Hayes is another work for testicle pudding.
1. As Jimmy pulled out of Sarah's vag, he let his hot load of Hayes all over her tits.
2. My head hurts, I could definatly go for a good shot of Hayes right now.
3. After watching his favorite porno dvd, Clancy noticed his belly botton was filled to the brim with Hayes.
by Bronko February 10, 2008
A girl with one tit or one tit bigger than the other
I was gonna fuck this girl in Huntsville Alabama once but she was a hayes.
by David November 19, 2004
A Hayes is a slim thicc sister that you always want to hang out with! She has great taste in music and is in love with Grayson Dolan. She loves memes and enjoys playing roblox. She is always loyal to her friends and family, and has a hilarious personality. If you’re ever uncomfortable, look for a Hayes to help you out!
Wow, ur thicc, you must be a Hayes!
by kitten005 March 4, 2019
Pulling a hayes is getting stuck up a hill during icy conditions, thus sliding backwards and crashing
During our wrestling trip, our coach pulled a hayes and we all prayed
by Andrew and joel February 27, 2009
A photograph lacking in apparent artistic merit, more than likely copied from someone else's work. Usually these photos are badly lit and badly photoshopped and will always include a partially dressed female.
1st Person "Look at that photograph on Facebook it looks like a Hayes"

2nd Person "yeah its a total piece of shit"
by BorisYeltsin September 24, 2011