A phrase to escape, exit, or end conversation... used mostly for phone calls, work, and fleeting conversations.
Ok... OK... MOM OK!... Ok mom, I've gotta go... I'm gonna leave you to it.

Looks like you've got everything taken care of... I'm gonna leave you to it.
by jacprice January 18, 2017
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To only hang around with someone for so long that you can only say hello and settle for some basic conversation.
Alright, I'm going to have to love you and leave you or else I'll be late for the meeting this afternoon.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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Something that a lot of people don't mean. A word that a person should never use because it's not true! Let's say if a person says I'll never leave you, they'll leave you one day.
by Mack2014 February 15, 2015
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Best song ever. It was remade by Led Zeppelin and featured on their debut album. Hear it.
Babe I'm gonna leave you shows how much Plant's voice rocks!
by numandina July 23, 2006
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i’m not forcing you to stay

you can leave me behind if thats what you truly wish for
“Though I would love for you to stay, leave if you want.”
by Izaguirre September 10, 2019
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