"Here, Jim. You got divorced? Have a beer. On the house."
by Krys September 17, 2003
free of charge, compliments of the owner
Bartender: "I think you are really cute, so I will give you drinks all night on the house."
Lil Shorty: (blushes)"Thank you!" (as she leaves to dance with her boyfriend)
by LiL ShoRty September 17, 2003
Here take this beer

How much?

Its on the house
by pwnz0r September 17, 2003
free of charge (often applied to food or drinks)
Have another beer, on the house.
by Light Joker July 26, 2005
When an object is given to you and paid for by the person giving it to you.
Because you are sexy, this drink is on the house.
by Etan September 17, 2003
The beer is on the house = The beer is free
by Steve Reid September 17, 2003