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The art of fitting multiple large objects into a small space, or maneuvering a single object around a tight corner or through a narrow doorway. Can also be applied to numbers that have to total to less than some limit.
My dad is a master of Tetrising. No matter how many frozen goods he buys at the grocery store, he can always find a way to fit them all into the freezer.

Help! I need to fit this 38 inch couch through my 30 inch apartment doorway! Anyone good at Tetrising?

OK, so I have $1500 and I need to pay all these bills totaling $2000... No amount of Tetrising is going to help me here!

So if I can keep my character's encumbrance under 35%, I get a mana regeneration boost... Let's see, I'm at 32% now, if I drop the helm of intelligence, I could equip the bracers of defense against cold... That would put me at 34%, so I should be good... Gah! All this Tetrising of stats is driving me crazy! Why can't they implement a sliding scale for this silly bonus so I don't have to worry about hard limits?!
by ekolis October 17, 2020
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The sexual reward one receives for winning a match of Super Smash Bros. That is, your controller vibrates. You know what to do.
Yeah! I just beat Pikachu with Samus' screw attack! I got the jigglies!
by ekolis December 8, 2013
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To stealthily link someone to the theme song for the Megaman cartoon by Ruby Spears, or the intro from Megaman 2, or any other totally awesome Megaman music. Derived from rickroll.
Super fighting robot! Megaman! Can't stop singing that since I got rockrolled!
by ekolis December 7, 2020
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A lawn which is well cared for on the front side of the house, but in disarray on the back, much like a mullet - "business in the front, party in the back".
The Hendersons have such a mullet lawn. It's just like their marriage - they're always putting on their best face for the neighborhood, but deep down, they have issues...
by ekolis August 1, 2014
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Debugging JavaScript code using alert statements to determine flow of control and inspect variables.
My browser doesn't have a JavaScript debugger so I have to resort to alert oriented debugging.
by ekolis June 4, 2020
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A spoonerism for "fell swoop", that is, a single action which accomplishes multiple goals.
I deleted all my System32 files in one swell foop! Now I'll never get a virus again! Hey, what's with this blue screen of death?
by ekolis October 25, 2019
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A vehicle, especially a spaceship, that travels faster in reverse than going forward, just like any of the ever-retreating bosses from the Star Fox games.
Klingon honor demands that you not fight like a Star Fox boss!
by ekolis December 8, 2013
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