The act of fitting a lot of crap into a very tiny space through clever usage of every bit of available space. Tetris-gifted people can easily pack an entire house into the trunk of a Toyota. This can come in very handy when space is at a premium!

A person who is particularly talented in this way is often referred to as a Tetris King or Queen.
I spent three hours Tetrising, but I finally got the car packed. I told you the whole living room could fit in the van in one trip!

I don't know how that girl did it, but there's thirty plastic flamingos in my bathroom!

We told you not to piss Sarah off. She's too good at Tetrising!
by laeiryn March 1, 2011
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The Act of trying to get all the pieces to fall into place. Planning ahead and investigating all angles. Eg. "We really need to Tetris this Trip so it goes smoothly". The aim of Tetrising is to make sure everything goes smoothly and you avoid stuffing around.
The Wolfpack need to get together to start Tetrising what's going on for this weekend.
by KarlieOrexi. August 25, 2010
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Used when playing tetris, the act of shouting "uhp tetris" when you are about to get a tetris (clear 4 lines at once). Used mostley when playing multiplayer tetris, such as in tetris ds, you can use this to be a dick and let the other players know who sent the blocks there way. I.E, "hey check this out mother fu- UHP tetris"
Man listen to all that tetrising going on here.

This guy is a such a dick, hes always tetrising
by G.H. Strikes Again! September 20, 2006
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The arrangement of items to best fit within a given space.
Markus had to tetrisize with the luggage for a while before he could finally fit it all in the car.
by panicrabbit January 5, 2004
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To organize something all together with no spaces in between.

To stack something perfectly without error or spaces.

To put something together correctly.
Chip I just loaded the dish washer... check out that tetrisness!!
by ChipJo March 16, 2011
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After eating a large lunch, you feel the numerous turds in your intestines combining into a large log. Much like getting that integral 4 piece to get all four rows in Tetris.
I'm tetrising really bad right now from that mongolian buffet, better step on it and get back to the office.
by hoobaking March 23, 2009
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Fitting something inordinately large, skillfully, into a small space.
"He tetrised his huge phallus into his marginally-adequate tighty whities."
by kate_m May 20, 2006
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