That chick is a doorway man. Everybody has been in and out of her.
by Nicgers January 16, 2012
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What you imagine is behind that cracked door during your fapfest? It's Doorway Dad. He knows when you're awake, he knows when you're asleep. And he watches you masturbate. Beware!
I couldn't fap last night I was being spied on by Doorway Dad. :(
by Doorway Security November 3, 2009
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Is a made up sex act you tell people you're into, to see if they act like they've heard of it. Then later when they Google it, they'll see they were trolled.
by bartra February 27, 2022
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The male act of passing out during sex (whether due to alcohol or exhaustion) while in the act of penetration.
I was so wiped out last night after the bar that I ended up sleeping in the doorway. My wife was pissed.
by Paulie Jr. February 18, 2010
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Standing on the roof of a complex such as an apartment or a skyscraper and peeing over the main entrance creating a golden flow of urinary goodness that pours over anyone who walks through the pathway.
"So I gave Mark's girlfriend a golden doorway after she bitched him out. A lesson she'll never forget."
by Aloysius W October 29, 2008
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Theres no magic here people, its just describing an ass the size of a common doorway. Meaning big giant hips / booty. In reference to the width of a doorway.
I love you baby and that giant doorway ass!

Bring your Doorway way.

Holy crap that is one giant Doorway Ass
by Astral916 May 20, 2008
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where a girl licks a boys ass and the boy poops on her face. then the girl throws up.
the "filthy doorway suprise" made my girlfriends want to be a lesbian
by body builder August 30, 2009
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