When one of your close friends goes as far as calling your mother a two cent bulgarian cum guzziling whore. Also, if the attacker calling your mother such a name has damp hair or a finger nail previously cut you can reverse the verbal attack by saying, "Pleezygozzie"or "Shiggida-wiggada-the nose" either one of these will act as a complete reversal to the argument. A good finishing attack would be to say "you got served" or something similar. Also "You got sizzerved my nizzerved".
Chad: Your mama is one narrow biatch.
Joey: (smells the freshly cut fingernails) You like the pleezygozzie up in here, yo.
Chad: wait fo yo man..
Joey: Yeah Yea in the hood, you got sizzzzzzzzzzzerved haha fo sho!
by Kkasak YC Krew September 17, 2004
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when ya like so stoned you can't see anything but a narrow vision line like a tiny tunnel. propz baked like
'woaah look at this guy on the floor.. eeeez well narrowed'
by qwertyuiopsick February 10, 2012
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An individual who lacks experience, maturity and/or or is deemed wanting. Especially children.
When the street lights come on you better get your narrow ass in the house!
by DiddyBlock July 26, 2015
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The noble act of opening the lock to a frigid girl's tight canal before filling it, closing it behind you, and moving upstream to the next with your veiny windlass.
I've just returned from a narrow boating holiday in Ibiza. God my cock is sore from shagging ten virgins in one night!
by jimbojacks December 31, 2009
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1. To be unable to see all sides of the situation or idea.

2. To be naive and unable to accept true facts proven by greater men.
Dan: Hey Nick, Canada's money is worth more than American.
Nick: Nahhh, Nahh... you're wrong, Canada is monopoly money.
Dan: Aite nick you have narrow mindedness, I get a Tally.
by DK October 01, 2007
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A curse upon mankind. Only known victim of this curse so far is Hank Hill.
Hank's narrow urethra made him take a minute longer to take a piss, and his chances of impregnating someone is extremely low.
by Deathgrind > you September 23, 2007
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