a fantastic word for interupting a very intelligent and serious conversation with one another which is most affective when used completely and utterly at random moments or when u have to take a major poopy..yes yes some people may say you are childish but there just jealous..
susie:Man i cant believe my sister almost died.
Dan:I am so relieved shes okay.
Random stranger:poopy
by poopy101 December 4, 2005
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A word used to replace any cuss word. Note: it is NOT spelled "poopie" but its spelled "poopy"
Person #1: You need to shut the poopy up you poopy piece of poopy!
Person #2: at least I'm not as poopy as you!
by someone more awesome than you November 27, 2013
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aka shit, crap, brown thunder, brown devil, dropping the kids off at the pool, you get it. It's the long, often chunky, brown substance which is shot out of your starfish into the whirlpool of death we call a toilet.
Fuck toilets, I'm prarie doggin' this poopy!
by w00t May 14, 2004
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NOUN: Possibly the funniest word in the English language if used correctly. Referring back to an younger age when life was simpler and shit was runnier. ALWAYS guaranteed to get a laugh.
VERB: Not as funny as when used as a noun. First try for the noun. Better results.
I made a poopy.
I need to go take a nice long poopy.
by nik nefsak March 24, 2005
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a term of endearment for a friend or any other known individual.
Hey poopy!, whats up?
by Leigh December 13, 2005
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Brown substance that is emitted from you ass. Often has corn in it.
by Joshua Tapp January 16, 2004
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