1. primal, carnal urges that oppose one's reasoned judgements.
2. similar to "deep down in my heart" but more crude, and doesn't reference one's feelings of love, affection, or idealism.
3. one's wants that appeal to using things and services for pure, selfish, pleasure, regardless of consequences. (ex. sex, drugs, alcohol, fighting)
Bro: She was so gone last night, and was saying weird, fucked up shit. I couldn't bang her.
Homie: Hey man I totally understand, and I think you did the right thing.
Bro: But dude....like deep down in my penis....I totally wanted to be all up in that =D!!!

Guy: My boss has been up my ass all week and now he wants me to come in on Saturday.
Dude: Wow, that sucks. You shoulda told him to go fuck himself.
Guy: And lose my job? Fuck outta here! But seriously dude, deep down in my penis, I want to smash his stupid "#1 Dad" coffee mug in his fuckin face....but I'm a pussy =(.
by [DZ] July 2, 2013
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means the same as "deep down on my life" but instead it means you have to be socially known as an emo, to pull it off successfully
Kealan: did you steal my pen?
Sam: no, i swear deep down on my knife!
by sammymacbooey June 16, 2010
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to know who and what you are on a core level and to be true to yourself no matter what adversitys come your way.
"Monique really got her personality deep locked down! She know who she is and ain't nobody gonna tell her otherwise!"
by Habacheebee February 26, 2010
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the act of sticking one's penis into hot chili then smacking the female in the face till she falls from trying to escape the wrath of the deep chili smack down
if she doesn't suck my dick i'm giving her the ol' deep chili smack down
by shortfuxfag January 29, 2011
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While engaging in a devil's 3-way, the males lock hands, forming an upside-down V. The female reaches around and tazes the males in the genitals if they break the upside-down deep-V.
I can't believe Tyler and Garrett wanted to do an Upside-Down Deep-V Reach-around with me. It was intense!
by smooth888 February 7, 2015
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