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One of lifes great pleasures.
Man, everyone was crowd surfing at TSNK last night.
by dudeman April 24, 2004

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British music comedy quiz show. Features celebrity guests singing intros and the like. Name is taken from punk band 'The Buzzcocks' and infamous punk album Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols
Bill Bailey from Black Books is a team captain on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
by dudeman April 16, 2004

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A dinosaur comic where they talk about philosophy and sex and such. Exciting!

Qwantz is a dinosaur comic
by dudeman February 01, 2004

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When a girl says she'll text you later, and ages later she still hasn't but you don't want to call her or you'll seem like a desperate idiot. Suffered by desperate idiots and paranoid teenage freaks like me and the rest of my ragtag bunch of misfits.
I got bad txt-back anxiety when Emma said she'd text me later and she still hadn't like 8 hours later. Turns out she said 'I'll text you tommorrow'. Oh well, I'm an idiot.
by dudeman April 10, 2004

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What I want to do.
Just shoot me now.
by dudeman April 23, 2004

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To be going through withdrawals usually associated with drugs. More specifically marijuana.
Got any pot Pip? I'm jonsen.
by Dudeman January 10, 2004

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A truly ugly woman. This is a contraction of "homely" and "ugly". Attributed to some stoner movie where the guy says "This one's hogly!"
Chris said he macked fine ass bitches, however, when I scoped them skanks, they was quite hogly!
by Dudeman September 26, 2003

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