the girls you have an interest in
so you've been single for a while. anyone on the guest list?
by Marty Poo June 05, 2007
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To be in the company of like individuals whom enjoy smoking marijuana
In music:

Chronicles of ONE "The Kid Nextdoor is a pot head (Revolution in Stereo)"

"Well its the kush sh** stress test with the Herbified Guest list strap on you goofey boots it's time to get lifted..."
by Consigliere Tom Hagen December 02, 2009
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A person who only goes to shows if they are on the guest list, and otherwise refuses to pay.

Or a person who badgers their friends to put them on the guest list, even if they can afford the cover.
"Are you gonna come out tonight?"

"Well, I don't really like his band, but I guess I'll go if I'm on the list."

"It's only 3 bucks - you're such a guest list slut!"
by witd July 23, 2009
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