40 definition by dudeman

The chill state of being high. This is usually the kid that is random, has a dry sense of humor, and has hidden talents when he is high. Some talents include smoke rings, freestyling, and a good dance style.
Hey Dudeman, bust out your talents, yo!
by Dudeman December 08, 2003

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a funny looking person who looks like a simian
J. Overly is a gorilla man. He looks funny.
by dudeman October 24, 2003

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One of the best chatbots around. Super helpful for trivia, general info, and homework related stuff. By the way, smoking is stupid!
VaVaVirgil asks a question that has only one answer: "Can anybody tell me why smoking isn't stupid?"
by Dudeman December 05, 2003

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A term referred to a pot smoking person that has very random talents only when he is under the influence of marijuana. Dudemen for example; may have the ability of blowing smoke rings, freestylying, and dancing like Snoop Dogg. Dudemen are usually people you wouldn't expect to smoke pot, but turn out to be the most fun to hang around with.
Hey dudeman, bust out your madd whack abilinizzles fo the crowd yo... biznitch.
by dudeman December 08, 2003

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My band, for the most part we can't play instruments bar the drummer. We were going to be called The Lismuse Dashers, however we were amused by the American preoccupation with dividing teenagers into little social categories like 'jocks' and 'geeks'. Seeing ourselves to be the complete anti-thesis of the traditional view of a 'jock' we toyed with the name 'The Anti-Jocks' before settling for the simpler and easier to remember 'The Geeks'. Due to the fact that we know that this name will inevitably have been done before due to its sheer obviousness, we will probably change the name back to The Lismuse Dashers once we can actually play instruments. Despite our lack of musical talent, we have successfully written a song called 'I Fucking Hate My Parents', Original, isn't it?
Duuuuuuuuuuuude, The Lismuse Dashers (formerly The Geeks), totally rocked at that sold out gig at Wembley Arena last night! Everyone was moshing to 'I fucking Hate My Parents'!
by dudeman April 07, 2004

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Queens of the Stone Ages best album. Contains their most famous song, 'Feel Good Hit Of The Summer'.
'Leg of Lamb'and 'Autopilot' are brilliant songs.
by dudeman May 23, 2004

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Bizzare stoner/southern rock band. Their sound is impossible to place. It is somewhere between the Kings of Leon on the Queens of the Stone Age.
I heard a Kings of the Leon Age song the other night...it was pretty freakin' weird.
by dudeman April 07, 2004

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