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Variant spelling for "hogly" so the pronunciation doesn't come out like hog-lee
I went out on a blinder with this hoagly skank.
by Dudeman September 27, 2003
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1.A word that we can say in America to confuse everyone.
2. Balls, nuts, testicles.
3. Expression of dismay or a substandard quality, unless belonging to a dog, in which case it means that the situation is highly satisfactory.
a:That film was bollocks!

b:I thought it was the dogs bollocks.

a:For bollocks sake you bollocking bollock, grow some bollocking bollock or I'll give you a bollocking followed by a sharp kick to the bollocks.
by Dudeman April 16, 2004
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Childs book series. I've read them all, and don't recall a single incident of swearing, whoever said 'they curse more than my older brother' what the fuck? Is your older brother a nun? Good for getting little kids to read. Anyone who has ever read a real book and picks up Harry Potter expecting an adults book will feel insulted by their conescendingly simple plotlines, underdeveloped characters and childish language.
H4RRYP0TT3ROWNZ123: You just don't like Harry Potter because you can't read!
NormalPerson: Fuck off.
by Dudeman April 25, 2004
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Not Britsh you moron. Detroit based rock band. Famous for their compulsive lying, bizarre style and friendship with the White Stripes.
Dick Valentine was disapointingly boring on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
by Dudeman April 16, 2004
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Damn, that movie was steezy!
by Dudeman October 26, 2004
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Meaning tight. Came from a group of teens who stuck together thru hard times renaming themselves to fight the system known as Shiznat101.
Your party is the shiznat
by Dudeman October 26, 2004
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