Used when someone doesn't care, often when they're in a down sort of mood.
"I flunked my math final today... oh well..."
by sqxx April 12, 2005
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Showing not much interest towards a situation or event that has happened or may happen.
"Sorry man i lost your wallet"
"Oh well, goes to show what kinda things happen when i trust you..."
by Alastor December 13, 2004
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Used when you don't know if it's the end of the conversation or if it is the end of a conversation but you don't want things to seem awkward
"Haha yeah. Oh well..."
by Kool.kid May 23, 2017
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The knowledge that people close to u don’t care about you. Don’t feel sorry for anything and get on your shit so they can be in their own world with nothing better to do then get drunk and talk about others
She don’t like you...ohwell she’s miserable anyways
by Niggabitchbullyxxx October 25, 2019
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