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British music comedy quiz show. Features celebrity guests singing intros and the like. Name is taken from punk band 'The Buzzcocks' and infamous punk album Never Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols
Bill Bailey from Black Books is a team captain on Never Mind The Buzzcocks.
by dudeman April 16, 2004
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A term referred to putting in an equal amount of weed to the rest of the people in your smoking group. In other words, if Pip throws in a nug of kine bud, Dudeman has to match the same amount of weed that was put in.
Hey Pip, wanna match up with me after school bro?
by dudeman December 08, 2003
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I squisha you, peasanty!
by dudeman February 21, 2004
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One who partakes in the activity of moshing, that is to flail about madly and violently to the rhythm of music. The louder and faster the music, the better it is to mosh to.
My friends band didn't get through to the next round of Emergenza because a couple of people got black eyes in the mosh pit.Pshaw, they still enjoyed themselves didn't they?
by dudeman April 24, 2004
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The best band of all time. All original members bar the Gallaghers have left, but oh well.
'Supersonic' is the best song ever written.
by dudeman February 21, 2004
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