40 definitions by dudeman

1. One who enjoys oral stimulation of the choad.

2. A homosexual

3. A weasel (Mustela choadinius) whose dwelling resides upon a choad and is known for delighting in the irritation of choads and its musky gonadal scent.

4. An unwholesome and contemptible person.
Dude, you fuckin bogarted all my NoCali stizicky stash, just like a damn East Coast choadweasel.
by dudeman October 21, 2003
The best band of all time. All original members bar the Gallaghers have left, but oh well.
'Supersonic' is the best song ever written.
by dudeman February 21, 2004
got rid of guigsy and bonehead and replaced them with a couple of people to stand in the back ground for some reason. produced the best album (definitely maybe) and best song (supersonic) of all time. their knebworth gig was voted the 3rd best ever. however the same listy had coldplay at V2003 in the top 10, so it's probably not too reliable. they obviously should have been 1st.
another annoying thing about that list is that my friend was supposed to be able to get me on the guest list to a libertines gig but he couldn't because the person he knew who knew someone at the forum started working a different shift to him so i'm like 'ok, so i don't go, how good can one gig possibly be, and then it gets placed as the 19th best gig EVER! slightly annoying you can imagine.
by dudeman April 30, 2004
A dinosaur comic where they talk about philosophy and sex and such. Exciting!

by dudeman February 1, 2004
Comic book characters, representing ideas. Comprised of Destiny, Death, Dream, Despair, Desire, Destruction and Delirium.
Delirium thought of Eblis O'Shaughnessys name.
by dudeman February 21, 2004
a funny looking person who looks like a simian
J. Overly is a gorilla man. He looks funny.
by dudeman October 24, 2003