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tampons; aka slimdicks
My Vagina Slims fell out of my purse, it was so embarassing.
by dsimms May 23, 2008
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a cybersex partner; someone you cyber with just like you were lovers in real

usually regularity, commitment, and caring are part of the cyberlover pattern, just like any real relationship

Usually you never meet your cyberlover, but there are many cases I know about where two cyberlovers arrange to meet in real. Usually one of them flies out to the city where the other lives; sometimes they arrange to meet in a completely different city. In every case, they practically fuck in the cab on the way to the hotel.
by dsimms January 14, 2008
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a smilie in the vague form of 'the finger', aka a smilie fuck you

common version: ..!..

british version: .V..

there are variations in the exact characters used, but the effect is always the same: those in the know get it, those not in the know are confused; same with all smilies
"That girl I was chatting with at Myface, I asked for her phone number and she gave me a 555 number and a fuckie!"

by dsimms January 19, 2008
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Can refer to a person or a sexbot. When refering to a person, "kinkazoid" usually means one of the following:

1. a general pervert
2. a pervert who owns and bangs a kinkazoid sexbot
3. someone who works at a Kinko's copy center

When referring to a sexbot, a "kinkazoid" is a sexbot specially designed or outfitted for some pervert fetish. For example:

1. a schoolgirl or Sailor Moon sexbot (popular in Japan);
2. an anime elf-waif sexbot (popular among D&D fans);
3. a life-size Barbie-replica sexbot;
4. a zoological creature, male or female, like a swan or hairy gorilla sexbot;
5. an alien male or female lifeform, like an Alien, Klingon, or Predator sexbot;
6. a wtf-celebrity sexbot, i.e. a replica of a celebrity or famous person not normally associated with sex, like Margaret Thatcher or Queen Victoria.

Note that alien sexbots like T'Pring (Star Trek) or Zhaan (Farscape) or 44 of D (Borg), or celebrity-replicas like Paris Hilton or Madonna sexbots, would not be considered kinkazoids because their prototypes are considered sexy (at least by some). "Kinkazoid" usually implies a sexbot that fulfills some kind of deviant desire or fantasy.

For some reason the teddy bear sexbots used by a lot of women are not considered deviant, therefore they aren't labeled as kinkazoids.

"Omigod! Did you hear? They busted open his basement and found a Margaret Thatcher kinkazoid down there! Fox News is hushing it up!"

"What a kinkazoid. I always knew he was a dirty Tory douche bag."

by dsimms May 11, 2008
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abbreviation for West Bubblefuck; the upscale moral equivalent of BFE (Bumfuck Egypt)

My mom lives in whitebread WBF with her new boyfriend. My dad still lives out in BFE. I'm staying with my aunt here in the city.
by dsimms May 26, 2008
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to monetize your web pages, blog pages, or Myface pages by adding ad links, thus reaping the power of click-throughs and eyeballs (wtf?)

"Dude, you gotta adify, not dignify... look what Drudge did."

"So you're saying I should sell out?"

"Dude, get with the program... dollars is where it's at... sell your soul... to Google!"

by dsimms April 22, 2008
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A porn queen usually refers to a woman who has appeared in pornographic media, such as movies (porn flicks), magazines (porn mags), or online porn sites (webporn).

Many porn queens cross over between the different forms of media, first becoming a skin mag model, then later a porn actress; sometimes this process is reversed. Some porn queens even start their own websites. Porn queens also go on road tours, starring or headlining at strip clubs in major cities.

Being a porn queen usually implies the actress/model has made a "name" for herself. Often a porn actress will choose a fake name with a humorous and/or double entendre meaning so as to make it memorable (for example, Bunny Blue).

"...Jenna Jameson wants the world to officially remember her for her iconic porn princess name. Earlier this week the knocked-up starlet filed legal papers to become 'Jenna Jameson' and permanently move on from her birth name, Jenna Marie Massoli."
-- from Rumorficial Celebrity Gossip, Nov. 2008, on porn queen extraordinaire Jenna Jameson

(calling porn queen extraordinaire Jenna Jameson a 'princess' is like calling good Queen Liz a princess - a polite diminutive retrograde)

by dsimms January 11, 2009
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