Belonging to the class of bland, clean-cut, middle-of-the-road suburbanite breeders. The Cleavers from the old TV show "Leave It To Beaver" are a familiar archetype of whitebread culture. Compare to yuppie.

The term implies profound cultural naïvete, blind consumerism, and an unquestioning "follower" mindset. Common trappings of the whitebread lifestyle include golf, Kenny G and Enya CDs, SUVs, an irrational fixation on lawn care, Golden Retrievers, nominally Christian religious beliefs, Old Navy clothing, moderate to conservative political views, bad Chardonnay, equally bad espresso, cookie-cutter houses, Bath & Body Works hygiene products, and very white-collar employment.

Though whitebread individuals are usually white, the term is not necessarily racial in meaning - the implication lies more with the blandness, predictability, and banality of plain white bread. Accordingly, "wonderbread" is often used as a synonym.
I'll bet the amount of money that whitebread neighborhood spends on lawn fertilizer could feed a small African nation.
by Greenie March 24, 2004
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someone who is not white, for example a black person, who acts incredibly white or exhibits elements of white culture. Meaning "white breed" or more commonly known as white washed.
Lisa: "wow, your boyfriend's cute. he acts so ghetto though!"

Janet: "Exactly. He ACTS like that cuz he's so white. whitebread...HA! yea, we sure love each other! ;)"
by ibeonitallnightman November 4, 2007
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White boy who is the shit at everything. He can get all the ladies, and can hoop it up like no other.
Dude 1: Oh shit, here comes whitebread
Dude 2: Damnit, we are about to lose in basketball and all the ladies will go to him

Girl 1: OMG, look at whitebread he is SO fine
Girl 2: I know i just wanna do him right now in front of everybody
Girl 1: Me too lets do it together
Girl 2: He is sooo hot i will do it with you and him at the same time
by Mstate April 13, 2005
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A guy that has nightmares about someone selling his golf shirts
Not only is his name Tanner but he’s so whitebread that he even has nightmares about someone selling his golf shirts
by whitebreadlover May 9, 2020
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Those of the caucasian race who think they have rhythm, soul, game, basketball skills and large diznanks.
by 3inch June 2, 2003
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Whitebread, a predominantly or all white community, usually live in rural areas but not always. Anyone who is ethnic (including African) in appearance even in the slightest way, people will stop what they are doing and stare. Racial slurs may be spoken as a part of day to day talk and people will treat anyone who is not white as an outsider.
The phenomena of Whitebread occurs as white people in these areas are only breeding with other white people, thus the term White-Bread.
I went to the beach today, it was so Whitebread. Everyone stopped and stared as if they had never seen a insert race here before.
by J-Jim September 9, 2019
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