A biological is one of your children to whom you contributed either a sperm or an egg. Used to distinguish from step children brought into your family from your partner's previous relationships.
I have five kids, but this new baby is just my second biological.
by allterrain September 16, 2009
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When something is awkward but biologically awkward. #biological.
"In a hundred years everyone in this building will be dead."
"That's #biological."
by Cantalina February 9, 2017
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The act of doing biology.
Ryan was Biologizing when he was studying the mitochondria.
by Alimator210 February 1, 2022
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verb: A euphemism for sex, stemming from the word 'biology'. It is to engage in starting a biological reaction with another individual.
Gabay: Ey bro, did you finish that English assignment?

Claire: Nah dawg, me and my boyfriend decided to just biologize.
by TacoChico July 25, 2011
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Stupid piece of shit where you waste your time writing observations of nature
I had to sit outside to write my biolog for 2 fucking hours just to satisfy my Biology teacher.
by thatonekiddo November 14, 2011
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The amount of offspring you bring into this world.
Dude, keep it wrapped, your biological footprint is already too big.
by ColoradoJules July 1, 2008
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Term more popular with the older generation. Refers to several things. A woman's sudden need to have a child, puberty, etc. are all supposedly controlled by a biological clock. As well as waking up and sleeping habits. Hence losing time after a long airline trip.
Oi...where's all this hair coming from?
Its your biological clock, man!
by shinji-kun June 20, 2004
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