doing something extravagant that others would never expect of you
Oh he was really walking on water over this weekend
by oldxwise November 14, 2013
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1. Greatest thing ever.
2. Insult, used to make fun of obsessed people.

Based off the fact that Jesus walked on water.
I love him so much, he can walk on water.

I know he can walk on water, but shut up about him. No one cares.
by invisible February 3, 2004
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A phrase describing a person who is thought to be as awesome as Jesus
Guy1: Argg.. that dude is such a dick!

Guy 2: Yeah, you know my girlfriend thinks he's awesome?

Guy 1: I know! She must think he walks on water or somethin'..
by Anal Penetration By Forcce August 5, 2011
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Just like jesus christ (imagine jesus walking on water). Means things either:

1.) something moving real fast (see "round trip")
2.) leaves no matter what the conditions (see above)

note before Walking On Water can take place, hard work must occur & a good worth ethic is needed. The lazy & procrastinators of the world NEVER experience walking on water.

can be associated with anything (legal/illegal). Coined by Rick Ross on the song "Walking On Water" produced by Lex Luger.
"Gettin money, lil dude, big crib shit look like a middle school/ Chrome rims, the white coupe, walking on water, dat wat da white do!!"

Tom:I signed up with that company that gives away cooking knife sets by mailorder today
Bob: Why did you do that?
Tom: Don't worry, i'll have them walking on water in no time!
by GO DJ HaKa June 12, 2011
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When your sitting on the toilet and your balls hang down and touch the water
Dude I just took a massive dump and I was Walking on water the whole time
by im bjorn June 22, 2019
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