The proper technique for snowboarding. Involves descending in a relatively straight path by transitioning from toeside to heelside in a quick and fluid manner.
Yelling from the chairlift: Look at Snowflake, that fool can't carve to save his life. All he can do is the falling leaf!
by mikwat May 27, 2004
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"yo bruh saw mackenna the other night... you think she carves?"
"due she TOTALLY carves"
by xXBeAsTyeetXx December 3, 2015
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what ppl do when can't deal with what's going on around them anymore. an emo's way of dealing with their pain. don't bag it
emo: fuck this, I can't deal. I'm gonna go have a carve.
by mlaf-doom October 31, 2005
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Epic internet uberossity. Totally pwns the shit out of life. Not to be fucked with. Maintains the order of the universe.
Damn, Carv bant me again, and there's nothing I can do about it!
by blashkev August 13, 2008
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Displaying a particularly muscular physique, similar to that of Hugh Jackman; Possessing the extremities of both muscle mass and definition.
Tim: Dude! Arnold Schwarzenegger was totally jacked!

Spencer: No he's more than jacked. He's carved.
by MidEastBeastL337 June 3, 2010
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A mythical internet superpower and legendary mashup/remix artist of epic proportions. He/she works exclusively with songs by blink-182, Angels and Airwaves and +44, and is known to have released approximately 10 songs, including Should I?, Forever and After and Do it for the Kids.
Dude, have you gotten that Do it for the Kids album? It has a shitload of Carv! songs.
by KC_trimble December 7, 2009
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