12 definitions by disneysucks

a complete badass that doesn't take shit from nobody
Yo that guy is such a bitch killa he flipped off the teacher and beat the shit out of that black kid.
by disneysucks June 12, 2007
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when you cum on yo bitch's tits
I was doin her hard, and when I was finished I free willied all over her sexy chest.
by disneysucks June 2, 2006
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winner of season 4 of Last Comic Standing, a hilarious comic who has cerebral palsy which he is able to use to his advantage in his stand-up routines
Ty Barnett was funny, but Josh Blue definitely deserved to win.
by disneysucks August 12, 2006
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to score a 100% on a test, in reference to Wilt Chamberlain's NBA record of 100 points in a single game.
Man i'm gonna Chamberlain this fucking test nigga I studied fo 3 hours.
by disneysucks December 9, 2007
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acronym for YOU ARE VERY CLOSE TO DEATH used by hard-core gamers who like to PWN EACH OTHER LOL
Loser 1: Hey man isn't halo 2 like the coolest game ever (adjusts glasses).

Loser 2: OMG i no.

Loser 1: LOL YAVCTD.

Loser 2: LOL you are PWNING me.

Loser 1: LOL

Loser 2: LOL
by disneysucks October 14, 2006
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A cheap and blatant disney rip-off of Grease that for some reason a bunch of kids like. So of course disney markets the shit out of it, and 2 sequels are due out. only reason to watch is to see up-and-coming actress/singer Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Loser 1: Dude did you watch High School Musical? I heard it's awesome.

Loser 2: Ya dude it was awesome!!!!

Loser 1: Did you hear they are making sequels?

Loser 2: Ya 2!!! OMG THATS SO AWESOME!!!!!

Non-Loser: Disney is so fucking pathetic they haven't had a single original idea in a decade and all they do is put out sequels because they are money-grubbing bastards who don't care about the quality of their movies.
by disneysucks July 27, 2006
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A dude who is really good at pounding hot ass
Rick really pounded that chick last night he is a true Demolition Man.
by disneysucks January 13, 2008
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