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Double rye and cokes in a short glass, two at a time must be ordered, and this process must be repeated several times.
Each drink must be chugged much like a shooter.
"After indulging in a few richuals Fast Eddie and Dick had a very crunk night.
by dick October 13, 2004
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A rare entertaining, non-sexual maneuver in which you whip out your saggy dauber and flail it about; preferably in front of some chick's face.
zipppp.....flop....FLAP FLAP FLAP...."HEY!"
by dick August 26, 2003
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one who lives in the surburban area who is white and doing it for the image.
that kid with his moms lexus is a paper gangster
by dick March 31, 2004
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Dude! That shit is phat!
Dude! That bitch is P.H.A.T!
by dick March 19, 2003
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an annoying brat you calls everyone " a dick"
she was such a silly pillbeam
by dick December 5, 2003
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1)something badass or new and fresh.
2)a male who uses females to make money to buy more ho's and in turn blows that money on gold lining for his shoelaces.
"those ho's over there are just askin' to be pimped"
by dick April 12, 2003
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