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The result of either a)richuals b) shots c)chugging or d)a mixture of the above on one such individual widely known as Sooass. Usually accompanied by his accomplice 'Dick', Fast Eddie becomes red in the face, makes inappropriate comments to females in the vicinity, dances as if he's on speed, and wakes up in an unknown location usually with no memory of the night before.
Did you guys see Fast Eddie grabbing boobs, doing the robot, puking in the cab, ripping his clothes off and pouring drinks on himself? It was hilarious, I can't wait to party with Fast again.
by Dick November 22, 2004
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HELLO... A Tie dyed "rainbow warrior" often seen anywhere hippies congregate. Commonly seen with a white haired Santa looking hippie collecting roaches from one of many "young bucks" or asking them to drive whatever disgusting box on wheels happens to be carrying them across the country. Can be heard saying such phrases as "Hey young buck, how much money do you owe me?", "Family Fluff", or "Good doses make you fall asleep."

See also Feddie Eddie
Did you hear what Fast Eddie made Wyatt do at the rainbow gathering?
by Pu-pu-pu-puddles June 25, 2010
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The act of a female orally stimulating a males nipples while simultaneously manually stimulating his member, often resulting in a "fast" orgasm.
Yeah, I didn't realize it, but I'm into "fast eddies."
by derbyroller April 20, 2008
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A sexual act whereby the male mounts a female, dogie style, and inserts middle and ring fingers of each hand into her mouth and pulls back as though one were pulling up on the reigns of a horse. The primary goal of this maneuver is to keep a talkative, annoying female from ruining the sexual experience.
That girl is kind of cute, but just runs on with the mouth and talks too much. I'd have to "Fast Eddie" her.
by FastEddie73 February 02, 2011
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I was servicing a window the other day and this dude's wife gave me a Fast Eddie.
by ed3000 August 20, 2016
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The act of knocking a man unconcious, preferably with a punch, then proceeding to suck his dick. Often performed in prisons.
Tyrone saw Jamaal leaving the shower, so he snuck up behind him and pulled a fast Eddie
by Ojdidit January 12, 2014
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When a man will put a significant amount of time making you feel like you’re the one that got his heart, that you’ll never be apart and loves you unconditionally and then on random occasions he will start a fight out of no where claiming unrealistic innuendos of you cheating on him so that he can block you and disappear for two days or more to play video games with his friends and entertain all the other women he pulls this same move on. And when he’s gone through the full rotation of females he’s got on his roster, watched all the porn he can handle, and played countless hours of NHL hockey on PlayStation he will casually text you as if nothing ever happened and work his charms to get back into your life. He will play head games with you and confuse you to the point of insanity because of how obsessive you become. He often rides a motorcycle for quick getaways so you cannot follow him to see where he goes.
Hey girl, are you ok? I heard John pulled a Fast Eddie on you.
by Phoenix35 September 26, 2018
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