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One of the most overrated bands in history. They got popular because they pushed left winged propaganda as shallow as the water in my toilet. Same as the Sex Pistols. That band 100% fucking sucked ass. They just got popular because they where so rebellious, something kids in their teenage years seem to love.

They also introduced the Che Guevara image to the kiddies. So we should thank them for the fact that people wear this cold-blooded murderer piece of shit that luckily got executed on their shirts these days.

Tom Morello was their lead guitar player, also way overrated. I hear that people call him the 'best guitar player ever'. Again, total bullshit. Hendrix, Van Halen, Gilmore and Jimmy Page's shoes have more talent then this guy. If you played the guitar yourself, you'd understand. All his neat solo's sound cool because they come out of stomp boxes you can buy in every music store. Really. This guy has the biggest effects chain i've ever seen.

This band proved that you don't need talent to become famous. If you make music that takes a piss on the govnerment and is left winged in general, there is a way bigger chance of success than if you acually have talent, but don't write songs about politics.

"greatest band ever?". Yea right. Led Zeppelin, RHCP, The Beatles, The Stones, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, The Who, Tony Joe White, The Zombies, Tom Petty....(i could continue forever) Happen to forget about those?
Shit kid with Che Guevara t-shirt: Rage Against The Machine is the best band ever

Me: No, they weren't. If you think that, you deserve to get hit by a freight train.
by Dick September 26, 2005

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I term that has no meaning. Usually used by low IQ individuals to make them feel and sound more intelligent than what they are. Used by individuals that have problems communicating in a short manner.
Suffice to say, I know how to write five page e-mails.
by Dick October 22, 2003

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