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The alternate african-american name for a white man who acts excessivly black at times.
Damn, Leroy is so confused about his race.
by dick February 8, 2004
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It is what V. Pissino see's in the mirror every morning. What a Mullet.
Don't be a Mullet
by dick December 17, 2003
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H@xx0r jargon for 9 as in 9mm.
Dude that n33n is sweet.
by dick March 20, 2003
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H@xx0r talk for neener or 9mm.
You got the n33n3r?
by dick March 20, 2003
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(Freaky, bondage sex practice)
the penis is beaten repetitivly with a tea spoon (as is a boiled egg)until the lobes are disconected (the fireman decapitated)(the egg shell is broken) the female then feasts on the egg white (seman)(spunk)(jizz)(cum) and yolk (the blood now gushing from your headless boner. a rather revolting way to express love and effection, very rarly practiced twice.
bondage gang banger one"shit bitch you bit my head off"
bondage gang banger two "holy shit dude she totally topped you off!"
by dick May 29, 2004
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a multi talented dude who is sooo cute.
Thicke is a singer and writer. he wrote songs for christina aguilera, missy elliot, brian mc knight, ashanti, and the rest..........
he's a fuckin genius in music and he's cute!!
thicke isn't thick..
thats his last name
robin thicke
by dick December 3, 2003
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