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1. cool
2. Pretty Hot And Tempting
Dude! That shit is phat!
Dude! That bitch is P.H.A.T!
by dick March 19, 2003

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to bust a huge nut that u have been saving up for a few days
i titfucked her then i splooged all over her face.
by dick October 24, 2004

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one who licks/bites/eats pleanty of ass.
johnny is an ass muncher.
by dick June 26, 2003

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A man or woman who gets sexually abused by another man or woman in jail.
Don't fuck with me or you'll become my prisonbitch.
by Dick March 06, 2005

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Funny word for penis.
Tyler takes the schlong all night long...
by dick November 17, 2003

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a midget who slips drugs in girls' drinks, drags them to his room at the halfway house, licks her ass for half an hour, waits for her to wake up, then forces her to lick his ass for half an hour.
p1: "hey, where's susan."
p2: "i think i saw her being dragged outta here by some assgremlin."
by dick April 13, 2004

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Australian slang for trousers, now rarely heard. More likely to be used in country areas.
"If we are going out, I better put my strides on."
by Dick December 12, 2004

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