Firearms calibre commonly used for semi automatic pistols and sub machine guns. Useful for short range fire only. Used as a slang term for a pistol used by gang members or criminals
So he pulled this 9mm on me
by JediAndi April 4, 2003
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When you are fucking a girl and you are about to cum and you pull out, grab your balls like the handle of a 9mm and pretend to shoot her like your cock is a gun and the cum is the bullets. IMPORTANT!!! you MUST make gun sounds every time you shoot cum.
I shot her in the face with my 9mm last night.
by 9mm Max Locstar October 24, 2009
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The act of placing a loaded 9mm Pistol in your mouth and squeezing the trigger, thereby committing suicide.
You hear about Benny?
I ain't seen Benny in a good minute, what happened to him?
Well, Benny apparently decided to get a 9mm Blowjob.
by Jet blak November 20, 2007
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To obtain an item for free by way of jamming a handgun in the owner's face.
"How did you pay for that TV?"
"I took the 9mm Discount."
by OccamsChainsaw September 19, 2011
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Referring to a bullet as an insurance policy; Implying that you'll kill someone as a means of guaranteeing the end result.

The use of a gun, or bullet to insure ones own interest by taking the life of the transgressor.
DAN: You're fired!
Mark: I've got a 9mm insurance policy.
DAN: I'm calling the police
Mark: *POP*, *POP*

e.g. Using a bullet to insure results.
by ruralchaingang September 22, 2021
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