ready to take place; hanging threateningly over ones head.
We are in imminent danger for STD's.
by The Gookster January 10, 2005
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imminenet....when used in conjunction to mining licences in the DRC this could allude to anytime within the next 10 financial years. The reason being is that the DRC government would rather talk about making billions of dollars from a battery hub whilst grovelling up the global elite and their manufactured climate change rather than acknowledge the elephant in the room which is of course AVZ's mining licence
AVZ are in close contact with the DRC government and the mining licence is "imminent" along with CATH waiving the mining licence criteria which in turn makes their $240m "imminent"
by wolfofasx May 1, 2022
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It or they will happen.
The word imminence is related to any subject in a possible future of events to come. These events can be spontanious or over time but they will become, and therefore become Imminence. It is closely related to the word imminent which explains the actual event where Imminence explains the event entirely as a whole. Non-Indigenous become Imminence as they will happen but the time frame is not specified.
by The Tenth Doctor March 8, 2009
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When a person says imminent they mean, not sure, in the future.
bill kenwright says funds and transfers are imminent, we hav`nt seen any yet
by Frederick J Jones September 18, 2008
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The effective phenomenon of linear time (material reality) emerging from consciousnesses.

The primary focus of Judaism.
Judaism focuses on imminence (effective phenomena emerging from consciousnesses) while non-Jewish religions focus on immanence (sense appearing from sentience (self-consciousness)).
by tomorrowtomorrow December 9, 2018
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The expectation that woe and regret will develop soon. Usually referring to another person when vengeance is served.
He will rue the day he crossed The Extreme.
We're talking imminent rueage.
by MitchellandBradshaw October 23, 2015
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A sexual encounter that is likely to occur at any moment; guaranteed sex. A situation where getting ass is all but certain.
Dude, I am feeling so lazy. It is going to take some imminent pussy to get me off my ass!
by The Supporter (again) December 21, 2008
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