A "Southern Rock" band from Jacksonville, FL. Heavily influenced by Otis Redding, Led Zeppelin and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Those influences are heavily reflected in their music, as they have re-recorded Lynyrd Skynyrds' "Simple Man". Shinedown is made up of: Brent Smith(vocals), Jasin Todd(guitar), Barry Kerch(drums) and Brad Stewart(bass).

First brought to the world with their debut album "Leave a whisper", they toured on that album for 2 years. In October of '05 they released their 2nd album entitled "Us and Them".
While conventional wisdom dictates that you have your whole life to write your first album and just weeks to write the second, Smith begs to differ. "I had more to talk about on the second record than I did on the first record," he notes. And though they were written back at home, Smith says many of the new songs were inspired by Shinedown's travels – whether ruminations about his own state of being or reflections about the people and stories he encountered on the road.

"I wanted to talk about what I saw," Smith explains. "There are so many songs about fans and the people I talked to, and their lives and their relationships. They're just the most incredible people in the world, but they have so many serious, serious problems to deal with. I wanted to talk about those things. In a way, I feel like I took what they couldn't talk about and hopefully I wrote down what they felt. So when the album comes out and they hear the songs, they'll be able to look at themselves and say, 'He said everything that I wanted to say.' "

That, he adds, is why Shinedown decided to call the album “US AND THEM.” "It's a dedication to our fans," Smith says, "a thank-you to them for the support, for everything they've given us, and for being there from day one. It's US AND THEM."
(taken from their bio located at www.myspace.com/shinedown)
by Shinedizzle October 7, 2005
One of THE BEST bands there is out there. Their lyrics are meaningful without useless bits of fluff, every word means something. Some of my favorites would be Second Chance, The Crow and the Butterfly, If you only knew, and a very awesome and kickass song Sound of Madness.
I LOVE Shinedown! They kick Justin Beiber's ass!
An awesome rock band...Songs include: Stanger Inside (my fav.), 45, Fly From the Inside, Left Out, Burning Bright...and so on. You should definitly listen to them.
Me: Have you eva heard of Shinedown?
Person1: Hell yes, I luff them!
Person2: Are you kidding...they suck...
Me: *grabs her really hot french fry and stabs person2 in the eye*
by Midnight October 5, 2004
A great rock band from Jacksonville, Florida! Members are Brent Smith(singer), Barry Kerch(Drummer), Eric Bass(Bass player), and Zach Myers(guitarist). Most popular songs are 45, Simple Man cover, and Second Chance. They have 3 albums (Leave a Whisper, Us and Them, and Sound of Madness) and their 4th album is supposed to be released in 2012. Great band!!
And I'm staring down the barrel of a 45, swimming through the ashes of another life.

-"45", Shinedown 'Leave A Whisper'
by YPIAG April 7, 2011
A kickass band with lyrics that actually mean something, unlike most of the tripe out there.
by Vincent Metzler September 21, 2004
A stupid band that makes me want to vomit in my own shoes.
shinedown sucks especially that stupid butterfly crow shit song BLAAAAA ARGGG BLAAA (that was me vomiting in my shoes)
by hatebadmusic October 20, 2010
One of the worst bands ever, "Second Chance" was played over the radio so many fucking times. Thank god that stoped, but now they play this shit that sounds like something an angry garbage man would listen too.
radio: My eyes are open wide, by the way I made it through the day...
jimmy: WTF is that supposed to mean
me: idk, shinedown sucks, change it to dc 101
by a conserned parent August 4, 2009