error 404(or formally 410):the definition foryou are dead is gone forever
by DeltaPlayzYT November 27, 2019
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A classic taunt on Unreal Tournament. Used to annoy people.
I obliterate somebody
Mr.Freezie: You be dead!
Somebody:SHUT UP
by Mr.Freezie May 12, 2004
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The hebrew term for "You wish!"
and in hebrew: "ha'ita met!".
Karl: "Do u mind licking my balls?"
Pfifi: "You were dead!".
by RubberDuck March 20, 2005
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when someone can't graduate from school without kissing the principal's cock
if you think you can graduate from this school without kissing my are dead wrong
by hamorabi April 12, 2021
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some faggot: "ha what a nerd"
you: "I diagnose you with dead"
some faggot: " NANI "

you: "simpleton"
*faggot dies*
by memebiggay February 20, 2018
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Said to someone when he or she has been humiliated to the point that their life is worth ending or should be, violently in privacy.
"Baby where's the keys?" Bitch kill yo self, they in your pocket, you dead."
by KiddG January 7, 2014
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A phrase commonly said in between a gang war, whereas one member will most likely get shot in a vital organ but isn't dead yet. The person saying it most likely doesn't think that he can hold ground alone.
"Oh shit man, keep shooting"
"I think they thinning out a Lil bit"

"Nigga you aint dead yet. Get the fuck up"
by Getquikskoptskrub420blazeit January 17, 2017
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