Rock band with a violin. Fans can be categorized.

The purist: "The Underdog EP is awesome but they compeltely sold out and their new stuff is shit."

The bandwagon: "Ocean Avenue is a good song. OMG OLOL LIEK YEY I LUV YELLOWCARD OMG."

The hater: "Yellowcard is complete shit."

The basic: "Hey, I like this Yellowcard song. Hey, I also like this other song. Let me go buy that cd. Hey, I also like a lot of these songs."
Yellowcard has a violinist that does backflips.
by korex May 30, 2004
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a yellowcard is a party foul or unacceptable behavior at a party, such as spilling beer or being too loud.
Matt: Jenny spilled her beer all over the couch
by jake barker July 5, 2004
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In football (soccer), a player is issued a yellowcard when he commits his first penalty of the game. When he commits the second penalty of the game, he gets a redcard and is ejected from the game.
Ronaldo was issued a yellowcard, and he must now be careful so that he does not get a yellow card
by pseudonym July 12, 2004
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an awesome ROCK band. Not punk not emo, just rock. consists of band members ryan, sean, ben, pete, and L.P. Each one of them being talented in their own special way.
Did you go to the Yellowcard concert last night?
yeah! who didnt?
by Ginaaaa March 3, 2005
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dude, they are the best damn rock band that ever walked the planet.
by dude. April 29, 2005
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The formal acceptance of a non-asian person into their Asian group of friends.
He ate a full order of cow intestines at the restaurant in ChinaTown, and his Asian friends told him that he had earned his yellowcard.
by ITGuyOU September 6, 2016
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Another dime-a-dozen band who's primary goal is to cheat people into believing that they are remotely original for having a not-so-common instrument on stage.
Guy 1
"Hey, that band yellowcard is great because they have an amazing concept. Get this, not only do they have guitar, bass, and drums...they have a VIOLIN."

Guy 2
"Yeah, but, Flogging Molly has a Violin. Led Zeppelin had a morocan string quartet for Kashmir. Likewise with the Beatles on numerous songs. Even The Who at the end of Baba O'riley."

Guy 1
"Yeah, but can their violinist play ocean avenue?
by Euthanasia April 10, 2005
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