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a yellowcard is a party foul or unacceptable behavior at a party, such as spilling beer or being too loud.
Matt: Jenny spilled her beer all over the couch
by jake barker July 05, 2004
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Rock band with a violin. Fans can be categorized.

The purist: "The Underdog EP is awesome but they compeltely sold out and their new stuff is shit."

The bandwagon: "Ocean Avenue is a good song. OMG OLOL LIEK YEY I LUV YELLOWCARD OMG."

The hater: "Yellowcard is complete shit."

The basic: "Hey, I like this Yellowcard song. Hey, I also like this other song. Let me go buy that cd. Hey, I also like a lot of these songs."
Yellowcard has a violinist that does backflips.
by korex May 30, 2004
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A pop-punk, pop-rock band (also called Punk Revival by AOL music) with a violinist. Currently consists of Ryan Key (lead vocals,guitar), Sean Mackin (violin, vocals), Pete Mosley (vocals, guitar), Longeneiu W. Parsons III (a.k.a. LP)(drums), and the newest-- Ryan Mendez(guitar). Ryan Mendez filled in for the past guitarist, Ben Harper, a.k.a "Ben Jammin'" by fans. Not the Ben Harper some of you may know.

Formed in Jacksonville, FL. All the original members went to a performing arts high school, seen in the Beyond Ocean Avenue: Live At The Electic Factory concert DVD.

As a small majority of people know, Yellowcard has been around since 1997, and released their first CD, "Midget Tossing" which is now out of print. All their CDs have been on indie-labels until Ocean Avenue.
Midget Tossing- {label uknown by m}-1998
Where We Stand- {label unknown by me}-1999
Still Standing EP- {label unknown by me}- 2000
One For The Kids- Lobster Records-2001
The Underdog EP- Fueled By Ramen- 2002
Ocean Avenue- Capitol Records, EMI-2003
(re-release of Where We Stand in 2004)
Lights and Sounds- Capitol Records, EMI-2006

The band name was coined by the members having partys, and a foul in soccer is called a yellowcard, so they used yellowcard as a party foul, such as spilling a beer. Don;t listen to the hate-definitions. They're not definitions, just idiots spreading their opinion (which yes, they are 'entitled' to...). I'm here to give you the story.
Yellowcard is a rock band with a voilin from Florida.
by Yellowcard Knowledge May 30, 2006
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A good band from J-town. Current albums are The Underdog EP, Ocean Avenue, Where we stand, and One for the kids. They aren't punk like some ignorant kids on here say, they are pop-punk. Ruined by preppy sluts who heard Ocean Avenue on the radio and call themselves punk.
*Prep hears Ocean Avenue on the radio*


Me: Um no you are not. Where were you 10 years ago, when we were skating around listening to REAL PUNK ROCK.
by Blahb April 06, 2005
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In football (soccer), a player is issued a yellowcard when he commits his first penalty of the game. When he commits the second penalty of the game, he gets a redcard and is ejected from the game.
Ronaldo was issued a yellowcard, and he must now be careful so that he does not get a yellow card
by pseudonym July 12, 2004
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1. A punk rock band with roots in Jacksonville, CA. They consist of Ryan Key, Sean Mackin, Ben Harper, Pete Mosely, and Longineu Parson better known as LP. They are one of the few bands to have a violinist in the lineup and they played 2004 Warped Tour.
2. According to the band, "yellowcard" was another way of saying "party foul".
3. A soccer term, that someone else defines really well.
Yellowcard is one of the better punk rock bands of our time.
by Stacy DuPree November 27, 2004
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