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Enlarged testicles that hang low in one's nutsack
His tea bags tended to hang low when the weather was hot
by Dan November 19, 2003
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The deepest fighting game ever made. Disliked by dumbasses because of this. These dumbasses also think the combo system is cheap because they don't know the difference between a 10-hit string and a real combo.
If you lose to a button-masher in tekken, it's because you suck at the game.
by Dan February 24, 2003
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Some kind of telivision program
Some fine telivisual entertainment
by Dan June 25, 2004
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"That's Ice" is the single attempt known to man that ventures to replace the old and faded slang word, "Cool" (That's cool, Your bike is cool). The definitions are the same, but "That's Ice" seems to sound more interesting.
Your mom is ice.
I like your new haircut cut, that's ice.
by Dan August 6, 2004
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The Cave is an anabolic move punishes a girl for being subservient to a man. It consists of kicking her face in so that it resembles a cave. You blast it in her mouth before you kick.
I had to give this girl The Cave because she was too pretty. She thought she was better than me.
by Dan October 20, 2004
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The evil, satanist war lord and leader of the province of Aloysius. She is notorious through out Africa and the underground world. She cannot be stopped and ironically has a mustache resembling one that of Adolf Hitler's unique style. She has yet to be stopped for her dastardly deeds.
What if The Dimick finds out you stole a toothpick?!?!?!? She'll have us both raped, tortured, and slaughtered!!!
by Dan March 26, 2004
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Cartoon created years ago to raise the awareness of something I never cared to pay attention to (mmm...pork). It was later turned into a movie trilogy with a similar title and people replacing the animals. Who's bright idea was that?
"The Matrix is a total rip-off of The Meatrix."
by Dan August 22, 2004
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