687 definitions by Dan

like a snuggle, nice hug ^_^ only 100% better
Kelsi is fun to suggle ^_^
by Dan January 22, 2005
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phrase said when someone makes a mistake (regional: Philadelphia)
Guy: I was gonna rock her world but then I found out she was a he!
Other Guy: Feeling salty!
by Dan August 20, 2003
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wen sum1 is a nob rot, they usually hav a rotten nob, and its an offensive word
oi u, u nob rot, gimme a fag u dirty litle ratboy
by Dan January 10, 2004
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a name for some one who you think is good at some thing or cool.
That skateboarder's the bumdigity.
by Dan January 8, 2003
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Lightweight performance apparel popularized in the breakdown by Big E and his iron pumping friends, including JT the rookie and Coach. They participate in a supervised after-hours tackling club in a warehouse, and do not appreciate Cheese stopping by in a Cotton XXL shirt. They started this thing and are just trying to prevent everyone from bringing them down.
The house is paramount
Will you protect this house?
I will I will
Under Armour!
by Dan November 24, 2003
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Hey Jake, I sure could go for some kakz right now.

Wow me too.
by Dan February 4, 2005
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