A hairdo consisting of two braids. Often worn by, but not limited to, younger girls.
Hey, look at that girl's pigtails, how sweet.
by Junee January 27, 2013
A hairstyle found on young or small girls. Also helpful for stabilizing a girl when clapping that ass from behind. Mostly used in doggy style or reverse cowgirl where the pigtails are used as handlebars.

Definition: cute hairstyle made for rough sex
K: damn dawg, chrysan's pigtails are so fucking sweet. Was tugging on them last night while I plowed that sweet 18 year old poon and injected my protein into her tender young cheeks.
by jeffbez0s October 19, 2020
When your dick curls into a spiral shape, like a pig tail.
"Yo dude my dick just pigtailed"
by alwayspigtailed May 8, 2019
Being followed by the cops or having a copy driving behind you.
Oh crap, I'm being pigtailed.
by kitty1 June 4, 2007
Damn if these officers in my pigtail aren't annoying.
by Jack Daniels 2011 November 3, 2011