Girls named Roberta are usually best friends with everyone , they are well known in keeping secrets and by loving everything around them. She would always want to make others laugh or make them happy if they're sad. Everyone loves to hang out with them. She is very loveable and loves to cuddle. She supports everyone in everything and she is the best mother in the world.
Roberta is my best friend, she knows all my secrets.
I told Roberta that I am gay and she gave me all her support.
by spazzzzzz August 7, 2012
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Roberta: Bright fame, a very loving, empathetic, intelligent, gorgeous, natural, realistic, down to earth female.

She will be honest, is confident in herself, is a loyal friend, devoted mother, team player, reliable, sexually confident, modest in public,

but curious sensual lover, spontaneous but responsible.

She always roots for the underdog. Will seek justice, balance, exudes compassion, reciprocates, will hold you accountable.

She hates lazy people who feel intitiled, are rude, seriously dislikes racial closed minded people.

She expects people to contribute into the world in a positive way, and to do the best of our ability to share our individual gifts from our heart and soul.
Roberta is a shining fame bright light that can mirror you, so if you hate her it's because your reflection is evident when you are around her. So maybe work on yourself, your ugly shows!
by Brightfame November 1, 2021
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Roberta is your best friend. If you ever meet someone named that. Be. Her. Best. Friend.
Roberta: hi

You: Let’s be best friends
by EllaJ December 6, 2020
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A person who is very HOT and has the greatest personality EVER!!! Sweet, kind, friendly. Seems to love everyone! Happy most of the time and tries to very faithful to God. Loves children. Roberta's are irresistable and people are drawn to her. Boys fall in love with her instantly. Girls want to be friends with her forever. A girl who puts everyone in front of her and never expects anything in return. Loves anything to do with LOVE, ROMANCE and WEDDINGS.
Roberta is loved by all. If you don't love her, then you're just jealous.
by sundude123 February 3, 2010
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A super hot girl in her group of friends. She has many friends, jokes around, loves to play, and she is quiet so you know she can keep secrets. She is smart and if you have her as a friend, she will always have fun with you even when you are sad. She can make anyone laugh in a matter of seconds. She loves to fool around with mostly girls so she is a limited edition and will always be until you get to know her better!
Roberta is a girl who likes boys name Ryan
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Best mom around. Robertas don't take no crap and are known love unconditionally. Often goes by name "Bobbie".
My mom Roberta is the bomb, but she'll cut you if you piss her off.
by better boy February 5, 2010
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Roberta is a confident woman who likes to help people out. She loves sleeping in late, and going on social media, and calling herself hip. She likes scary movies, and singing karaoke with friends.
Roberta, I can't think of anything to type here.
by Female Name Definition August 24, 2019
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